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US Distributor for Deutero GmbH, Europe's No 1 NMR tube manufacturer. Call 856-761-2367 for customer or technical service.



Our mission at Deuterotubes is to provide NMR researchers the tools needed to better understand the world of chemistry and biochemistry that surrounds all of us in our daily lives.

We are therefore focused on offering the highest quality NMR tubes at a price you can afford.

  • We do this with the formation of engineered quality controls in production.
  • Maintaining high quality and reproducible standards.
  • Improving the management of metrological control systems.
About Us

We are the US distribution network for Deutero GmbH, Kastellaun, Germany, who is the leading European NMR tube and Deuterated Solvents manufacturer and supplier. Since 1997 Deutero GmbH has invested heavily in state-of-the-art control systems to ensure the production of high quality products. They have their own NMR facility to monitor and check d-solvents and tube performance using their own spectrometers. To learn more about Deutero GmbH, please click the following link: www.deutero.de

Our team includes individuals with a variety of experience, focused on glass engineering and modern quality control systems that incorporate automated production controls. With the increasingly widespread adoption of computing and sensor technology, we seek to explore potential opportunities that smart engineering will improve peoples lives and their work environments.

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